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Tips To Help Prevent Clogs In Your Drain

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Clogged drains can happen anywhere in your home and for a number of different reasons, most of which can be prevented. Cleaning out drains often can help, although most homeowners rarely do this as part of their home maintenance tasks. Preventing a clog in your drains can help prevent costly repair bills later down the road. See below for tips to help prevent clogs in your home.

Toilet Paper Only

Only flush toilet paper down your toilets. Anything else can clog your drains. Even if it says "flushable", most homes' septic systems cannot handle the excess bulk. Some systems may even have a hard time with 2-ply toilet paper. In this case, use only 1-ply. If it isn't toilet paper, don't flush it. This includes sanitary napkins, tampons or wipes. Also keep little ones out of the bathroom unsupervised, as small toys can sometimes be flushed down the toilet accidentally. 

No Grease/Oils

Substances such as leftover grease and oil from cooking should never be washed down the sink. They should be placed into a container to cool and harden, then be disposed of later. Washing them down the sink can cause the grease and oil to harden, which can clog your drains. Other things such as paint should also never be washed down the sink for the same reason.

Clean Out Shower/Tub Drains

Using a stopper in your shower and tub drains can help catch items such as hair and soap to prevent these from clogging your drain. Be sure to clean the stopper often. This can be a pretty disgusting job, but should definitely be done. You'll be surprised at how much gunk is in that stopper.

Sharpen Disposal Blades

Keep your garbage disposal blades from dulling by placing ice cubes into your disposal once per week. The ice will help sharpen your blades, which allows it to chop up leftover food properly and prevent clogs in your disposal or kitchen drains. Never put anything too hard in your disposal such as bones, corn cobs or other tough fruit/vegetable rinds. Freshen the disposal by adding lemon to your ice cubes.

Use Root Killer

Prevent roots from invading your sewer drains by adding root killer to your drains once per month. This is a good idea for anyone that has trees growing closely to your sewer lines. The roots of those trees will grow towards any water source and can go right through a septic pipe to find water. This can be quite a big repair if the roots damage your pipes, so be proactive and add the root killer to help prevent it from happening.

Keep the drains in your home clean and clear to prevent damage and costly repairs. If you do get a clog, don't hesitate to reach out to someone like Mr Rooter