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Reasons Why Commercial Plumbing Is The Way It Is

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Commercial plumbing design, specifically bathrooms in multi-story buildings, are constructed such that all human waste and wastewater heads down the same pipes and in the same direction. If you want to change that, it becomes a complicated project with options that may be rather expensive. As frustrating as all this is, there are some good reasons why the plumbing in your commercial building is the way that it is, but you can change it.

Simplicity and Convenience

First and foremost, if your building is over ninety years old, the only plumbing design back then was simplistic and convenient. There were no engineers that worked on figuring out other plumbing designs since multi-story buildings were kind of a new thing and nobody really knew how well the plumbing would work. If your building is even older than that, it is highly probable that plumbing was installed after the building was erected. 

Ergo, plumbing installed after a building was constructed, or plumbing installed prior to the turn of the twentieth century, was generally one straight set of toilet stacks that had a connecting sink pipe for all of the sinks. It was simplistic, convenient, and for the most part, it worked. Now, all of that has to be updated because commercial plumbing design is a reality and plumbing is even better.

Previous Owners Just Did Not Update

The plumbing in your building may act up and may behave in ways you wish it would not. When previous owners of a building do not update things like plumbing, future owners pay the price. You may find that buildings previously owned by government agencies are no better. The general thought is that if it is not broken now, do not fix it, especially if you cannot afford to do so. That is why your plumbing in your building now is in disrepair.

Bathrooms Are Never Moved Because It Requires New Plumbing

Finally, public and private bathrooms in the same building are almost never moved because it often requires all new plumbing. Everything has to be updated, added on, shifted over, and reconstructed. If this is the type of project you want to take on, it will be very costly, unless you ask your plumbing contractor to just build entirely new bathrooms. You can leave the old ones in place, update their plumbing, and then add on to the building with new plumbing and new bathroom construction.

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