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3 Reasons To Have Your Drains Professionally Cleaned

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When you notice that your drains aren't moving water as quickly as they should or you smell an odor coming from your kitchen or bath drains, you may be tempted to simply go to your local hardware store and buy the supplies you can use at home to unclog them. While this can give you temporary results (if they work), you may not be solving the actual problem. In some cases you can actually make your situation worse. Here are 3 reasons why you should let a professional plumber do the job instead.

Identification of issue

A slow-moving drain can be a variety of issues from simple hair and food blockage to more complex pinched lines. When you hire a plumber to do the work they will send a microscopic snake down the drain system to see what the blockage is before they remove it. This can help identify larger issues before they become troublesome and costly.

Long-lasting results

Plumbers use professional tools to remove hair, debris, and small items from your drains rather than push the items further into your sewer lines. This is something you likely cannot accomplish at home. Removing the blockage entirely solves many drainage problems whereas simply pushing the debris down or breaking it up with harsh chemicals can simply temporarily fix your problem and lead to more blockage in the near future.

Drain repair

In some cases a drain that isn't working the way it should can be related to faulty plumbing fixtures. If you notice that your drains aren't improving in function no matter what you try, this may be the problem for you. Rather than try to replace fixtures and drain parts on your own, it's best to hire a plumber who can identify what your issues are and locate the best replacement parts to complete the job.

Another benefit to hiring a plumber to clean and repair your drains for you is that you have their professional guarantee when they are finished. If you have further issues with your drains when they are done, you can call the plumber back to your home to re-diagnose your issue or clean your drains again. This is often done at a low fee or even for free, depending on how soon your issue arises after they have initially done their house call. Sometimes drains can be stubborn and require more than one visit, and having a pro at your side can make even the toughest plumbing situations more resolvable.

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