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Potential Pitfalls Of Negligent Septic Tank Care

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As a homeowner, you can expect to deal with a lot of routine maintenance. One of the most important thing you will have to tend to is septic maintenance. It is important that the septic system is properly cared for so that you do not have any nasty problems sneak up on you. The following are some ways that your septic system can suffer if it is not maintained on a regular basis:

Septic Overfill

One really bad disadvantage of not maintaining your septic system is an overfill of matter that can cause leaks. When your septic system leaks, it does not simply trickle into a puddle into your yard. Instead, it causes huge ruts of water and other septic tank matter to back up into your landscaping. This not only causes a smelly, disgusting mess to deal with, but it will also do major damage to your lawn. Pumping out your septic system regularly will prevent this from occurring.

Contaminated Water Source

Another issue that you could endure is contaminating your water. This can be especially problematic if your water comes from a well on your property. If you have excessive sewer matter backing up and exiting your septic tank, it could infiltrate your water source. This is very dangerous and can wreak havoc on the health of your family.

Indoor Water Backup

You should also consider what could happen inside your home if you do not care for your septic system. The leads to the tank are a very vital part of the workability of the entire system. If they become compromised in some way, it can cause a backup inside your home. If you begin to notice that the water in your home will not drain, chances are there is a problem with the lines. Some warning signs include water not draining in your shower or the toilets water not going down after flushing. This will have to be dealt with sooner than later, as the problem will only get worse as time goes by. It can cause the inability to use the entire pluming system in your house.

Maintaining your septic system is crucial for any homeowner. You should have your system checked out at least once a year. You may also need to have monthly treatments on your septic tank to keep it in tip top shape. If you have any questions, or if you begin to notice signs of trouble, be sure to call a septic tank technician, like Roto-Rooter Sewer Service, as soon as possible.