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4 Tips For Caring For Septic System Drain Fields And Preventing Problems

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One of the components that you will want to maintain with a septic system is your drain field. This is also a part of septic systems that often gets neglected and forgotten about. Simple things like mapping the location and watching what is planted or placed over septic drain fields will help prevent problems. Here are some tips that will help prevent some of the most common problems with septic system drain fields:

1. Plants, Roots and Damage to Septic Drain Fields

Roots can be a major cause of damage to your septic system. Therefore, it is important to make sure you use plants with shallow root systems near your septic system. Wild flowers and shrubs with shallow roots are the best choice. If you plant shrubs near the septic system, it is best to plant them as a border to ensure roots are a safe distance away from your septic system.

2. Loads That Cause Damage to Septic System Drain Fields

Often, homeowners make the mistake of putting loads over the septic drain field, which causes collapses and other problems. The loads can be due to things like driving vehicles or heavy equipment over the drainage system. There are also other loads that can cause damage, such as outdoor patios, paving or above ground swimming pools.

3. Old Drain Tiles and Problems With Collapsing Septic Drain Fields

The drain filled works with a type of seeping tile that allows effluent to drain out of the pipes. These drain tiles can be made from many different materials, which include older clay pipes that can easily be damaged and collapse. If you want to solve problems with the septic drain tiles collapsing, you may have to replace them or expand the drain field.

4. Location and Drawings of Your Complete Septic System

The location of your septic system is also important to avoid problems. It is a good idea to find as-built drawings of your home and keep the location of the septic system handy. You will also want to have these in your records in case you want to do renovations or a home addition, so you will know where the location of the septic system is.

The septic drain fields are part of septic systems that get neglected but will still need maintenance and care to ensure everything is working as it should. Contact a sewer service for more information.