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Problems From An Electric Water Heater

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Does it seem as though your electric water heater has turned into nothing more than a piece of junk? If there are numerous things wrong with the water heater, that doesn't mean that it is no longer able to function properly. A thorough inspection by a plumber and a few repairs might resolve everything that is wrong. Don't attempt examining any of the parts on your own because electric water heaters are harmful if the are not handled with caution. After browsing through the information in this article, you will know what a plumber, like those at Mr. Plumber, might need to do to bring the water heater back to a functional condition.

Too Much Noise From the Water Heater

A noisy water heater can be a nuisance, especially if the noises can be heard throughout the house. However, the noise doesn't mean that the water heater is damaged. It is possible that the tank simply needs to be cleaned out due to limescale scaling building up inside of it. Limescale can cause the water to become too hot and begin to boil, which is likely where the noise is stemming from. A plumber can clean out the limescale to see if it resolves the problem.

Water Leaks Out from Somewhere

Is the floor around the water heater always wet and you are unable to keep it dry no matter how often the water is mopped up? The problem is likely due to your water heater having a leak that you don't know about, which can cause harm due to your heater being an electric model. For instance, there might be a loose valve that is in need of being tightened up. There is also the possibility that a valve is broken and needs to be replaced. A plumber can also check the fittings on the tank to determine if they are loose and need to be adjusted.

The Tank No Longer Makes Water Hot

Are you only able to take cold showers and baths because the heater no longer produces hot water? A lack of hot water can mean that there are damaged heating elements that are in need of attention. There is usually more than one heating element, and it is possible that only one of them is damaged. A plumber can replace the heating elements in no time because they don't require a lot of labor to repair. It is also possible that you need to turn a circuit breaker on, such as the one to the water heater.