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Dealing With A Child Who Clogs Drains And Avoiding Serious Damage

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Clogged sink drains is a common problem for parents because children are so often thoughtless about what they wash down the drain. If you believe that your child is clogging up your pipes with gunk, it is important to know how to spot this issue and when professional drain cleaning is necessary.

Signs They Are Clogging Your Drain

If your child locks themselves in the bathroom for 20-30 minutes at a time, they might be playing in the sink. Many children enjoy mixing items in the sink, such as toothpaste and even fingernail polish, because it washes down without a fuss. You may also notice that your child behaves in a guilty way after leaving the bathroom or has soap or other items stained on their hands.

You'll really start to notice if they are clogging the sink once it starts backing up regularly. When this happens, you may be able to break apart a serious clog with drain cleaning chemicals. However, your child may have washed small toys or other items down the drain. In this situation, you need a professional.

Children Are The Common Instigators Of Clogs

When a sink ends up getting clogged, it is usually done by a child. That's because they aren't too careful about what the wash down the sink and don't understand how your plumbing works. This frustrating situation will only increase if you a large number of younger children.

In fact, your child may be playing in the sink in a way that causes clogs. Knowing how to spot this situation is a great way of ensuring that it doesn't impact you endlessly in the future.

When Professional Help Is Needed

If you believe that your child has been flushing items down the bathroom sink, it is probably time to call a professional. There is almost no way to tell what kind of stuff they have washed down the drain. Professionals can not only quickly identify these items but will find a way to break them apart and increase the effectiveness of your drain.

And after they have removed the junk that your child used to clog the drain, it's not a bad idea to show the child the detritus that was removed. While this can often be disgusting and smell quite potent, it can show the child why running items down the sink drain is a bad idea. It could just scare them into behaving and avoiding these actions.

If not, you are going to have to keep the contact information of your drain cleaner nearby at all times. They can help remove debris from your drain and avoid the kind of damage that serious clogs can cause if they are left unfixed.