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A Few Things You Need To Know Before Digging A Well

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If you are going to be having a house built on a property that is not on the municipal water line, you will need to have a well drilled for your water. It is important that understand what this can mean for you. There may be some problems that will need to be considered and taken care of before going through with the purchase or the drilling of the well. Here are just a few of them.

Codes and Regulations

You need to contact the city planner to make sure that a well will be allowed on the property. You should also ask if there are any specific requirements as to where on the property it can be placed or what type of well system needs to be installed. There may be specific requirements as to the pump and any housing required around the tank and pump. If a permit is required, be sure to submit the application and have it approved before any drilling begins.

Testing the Water

You need to contact a well drilling company and have them get a sample of the water that the well will contain. This sample needs to be taken to the county cooperative extension for testing. You need to be aware of any contaminants in the water. If the test shows that the water has too much of certain minerals some type of additive or filtration so that it is safe to drink and use for cooking.

Testing the Ground Nearby

Just because the water test shows that it is safe to drink, you need to test the ground in the area as well. There may be contaminants in the soil that will eventually leach into the groundwater and end up coming out of your faucet. If there is something in the ground that would make the water unsafe, you will need to have a filtration system installed in your house.


The company that drills the well will install the pump and make the connections to the tank. However, that is as far as they will go. You will need to contact a plumber to connect the tank to your house. It would be wise to have the drilling company and the plumber meet to discuss how things will be done.

Having a well on your property to provide the house with water is a good thing when you are sure that the water is safe for consumption. It will save you from having to pay a water bill. However, keep in mind that it will be your responsibility to maintain the well, the pump, the tank, and all the pipes. Make sure you keep the name and number of the drilling company in case there is a problem in the future.

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