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4 Plumbing Considerations When Renovating Or Remodeling Your Bathroom

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Remodeling or renovating a bathroom comes with several plumbing concerns you should not overlook. Even some smaller bathroom upgrades will require you to put some serious consideration into your plumbing choices. Here are a few plumbing considerations to take into account if you're planning to make changes in your bathroom.

1. Consider if You Will Need New Drains

If you're making changes to your shower that will lead to increased usage, consider upgrading your drains. Larger drainage pipes can handle the increased buildup of gunk and hair without easily clogging. A half of an inch increase can make a large difference.

2. Consider the Routing of Your Water Supply Lines

If you must add new water supply lines, they must fit and connect properly with your existing ones. These lines work through pressure, so you can place them practically anywhere. Because of that, you can easily place a water supply line in the wrong place.

For example, you may find yourself tempted to reroute your water supply lines by moving them outside. Going through an exterior wall may seem easier sometimes, but then the line has to face outside conditions. If the temperature hits the freezing point, then that supply line will freeze or take damage.

3. Consider Thoroughly Planning any Layout Changes

Depending on your bathroom layout, some changes may give you far more of a challenge than others. For example, many people think swapping fixtures is something that doesn't need much effort. In reality, changing the location of fixtures can often require refitting and moving pipes.

You will need to make sure water flow and drainage is working as it should. In addition, moving fixtures can also require you to make sure you're not violating any building codes.

When moving a fixture, you will typically have to move a vent as well. If your current venting solution handles the toilet and sink, then you will have to consider that if you're moving one of those things but not the other.

4. Consider Consulting with a Professional Plumbing Service First

Even a small renovation or remodel can come with plumbing considerations you're not aware of. Many of the changes you can do in your bathroom can fall under the do-it-yourself category. No matter how easy something seems, you should still speak with a professional first.

Making a mistake with your plumbing can cost you a lot of money. Sometimes, a mistake can endanger your health as well. Your local professional plumbing services exist to help you figure things out so you get them right the first time.

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