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Ready For Winter? Tips To Help Improve The Efficiency Of Your Heater

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When you turn on your heating unit for the winter, you expect your energy bill to increase. While you cannot prevent it from increasing, there are steps you can take to mitigate just how much of an increase you see on your energy bill when you heat your home this winter. Here are a of the tips that can help to increase the efficiency of your heater, thus helping to decrease the amount it costs to heat your home. 

Upgrade an Outdated Thermostat

One of the ways that you can improve the efficiency of your heater, furnace, heat pump, or other heating element is to upgrade an outdated thermostat. An outdated thermostat may not have as many settings as a smart thermostat. You may be unable to lower the temperature when you are away for the day or slightly raise it when you are returning home from work in the evening. Newer thermostats also allow you to control your settings from your phone or a computer, allowing you to make changes if you decide not to come for the evening. 

Decrease the Temperature in Your Home Slightly

Another tip that can help you to increase the efficiency of your heater is to slightly decrease the temperature in your home. Most people will not be able to notice a one or two degree drop in the temperature in their home. Consider decreasing the temperature and wearing an extra layer of clothes, cuddling up under a blanket on the couch, or sleeping with an extra blanket at night to stay comfortable while using less energy. 

Ensure Your Filters and Ducts Are Clean

If the filters in your heating appliance or your air ducts are filled with dust, the quality of the air in your home may suffer. Additionally, your unit may use more energy than it would if the filters and air ducts were clean. Replace your air filters and have your air ducts cleaned to increase the efficiency of your heater this winter. 

Have Your Heater Inspected, Cleaned, and Maintained

Lastly, always have your heater inspected, cleaned, and maintained prior to cold weather hitting. A unit that is properly maintained runs more efficiently than a unit that is not properly maintained and helps to prevent your unit from suddenly dying the middle of winter. 

It is recommended that you have your heater inspected, cleaned, and maintained in the fall to help ensure your unit is ready for the winter months. If you are looking to upgrade an outdated thermostat, have your air ducts cleaned, or have your heating unit maintained, contact a heating contractor today to book your service appointment. 

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