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Two At-Home Methods You Should Avoid And Two To Use When Cleaning A Clogged Drain

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There are a lot of times when homeowners end up with clogged drainpipes. This seems to be a common problem for anyone who owns a home. When this happens, there are some good at-home methods you can try, and there are others you should avoid. Here are the top two you should avoid and the top two you should try.

Methods to Avoid

Here are the two main methods you should avoid using when trying to clean a clogged drainpipe:

Using a Coat Hanger in the Drainpipe

Have you ever taken out a metal coat hanger and began unbending it to use to clear your drainpipe? If so, this is not a good method to use. People often think that using a coat hanger will be safe and effective, but when you stick a hanger down a pipe, it typically does not clear a clogged line.

Instead, the hanger might end up scraping the pipes and causing damage to them, and the hanger could even get stuck, which would create an even bigger problem.

Pouring Chemicals Down the Drain

Secondly, the chemicals you can purchase for cleaning drainpipes are extremely toxic. When you pour them into a drain, they might not even go down. Instead, they might sit in the fixture, and they could eat away at the finish. If they do end up going down the drain, they can actually damage your pipes and cause problems with your septic system.

Methods to Try

Here are the two methods that are safe to try at home when you want to unclog a clogged drainpipe:

Using a Plunger

A plunger for drain cleaning might not always clear a line, but this is a totally safe method to use. A plunger can often help with minor clogs as it pulls up whatever is trapped in a line, so you can safely try this method if you have a clog.

Using a Homemade Drain Cleaner

Homemade drain cleaners might not always work, but they are certainly safe to use. A simple remedy is pouring baking soda, vinegar, and hot water into a pipe. This mixture may help with minor clogs.

If you are not successful in clearing the clogged drainpipe, you will probably need to call a plumber. If you have a pipe that keeps getting clogged, contact businesses like American Minuteman Sewer & Drain to ask about long-term solutions for this problem you keep facing.