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3 Common Plumbing Emergencies Homeowners Experience

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Plumbing problems often pop up out of nowhere. One day your plumbing system works fine, but the next day there is a big problem. You should expect plumbing problems to occur from time to time, and if you have an issue that is an emergency, you can get services quickly for whatever problem you are having. Here are three common plumbing emergencies that many homeowners face at one time or another.

No Hot Water

If you ever wake up to find that your shower is only offering ice-cold water, you have a problem on your hands. A hot water heater cannot produce hot water if it is faulty. If you find that your hot water is not working, you will likely need to call a plumber right away to fix the issue. If the hot water heater is old, the plumber might recommend replacing it. If it is not old, and if the problem is fixable, the plumber will fix it on the spot. Within a couple of hours, you should have hot water to use.

Clogged Drainpipe

There might be certain drains in your home you could live without for a few days, but there are also drains you cannot live without it ever. Your kitchen drain, for example, is one you probably could not live without. If you experience a clog in a drainpipe, you will probably need emergency services, especially if it is a drain you really need to use. Clogs in drainpipes are very common for homeowners, and a plumber can not only fix this problem for you but can also give you tips to help you prevent further problems like this in the future.

Leaky Pipe

The other problem homeowners often have is leaky pipes. A leak in a pipe causes water to flow freely from the pipe and into a wall, on a floor, or in another part of your home. Water leaking out like this is a huge problem that can lead to even more problems. If you have a leaky pipe, you should never ignore it. Instead, you should contact a plumber to fix it as soon as possible so you can prevent further issues from this pipe.

If you experience any of these issues, do not ignore them. Instead, call a plumber that offers 24-hour repair services like Mountain Ridge Plumbing Services. When you make this call, you will receive plumbing services quickly to address the issue you have in your home.