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Installing A Water Heater In A New Construction Home? Tips To Help You Place It Correctly

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Building a brand new home takes you out of the passenger seat and sits you squarely behind the wheel. You are now in control and the power can be absolutely exhilarating. Residing in a home that was built before you were involved can leave a lot to be desired. As you walk through the property, you might remember mumbling to yourself about how differently you would have done the layout if you had been in charge. Now is your time to put those great ideas into action. It all starts with the right placement. If you're trying to figure out where you want your water heater to be installed, the tips below can give you some great advice about how to select the best spot.

Make Sure Your Water Heater Is Easy To Access

The most critical thing to keep in mind when you're trying to determine where to install your water heater has to do with access. Few things can be as frustrating as trying to reach a water heater that is placed in an obscure location in the home. Of course, you don't want the device to stick out like a sore thumb. The appliance needs to be just hidden enough to not be an eyesore while still being close enough for you to get to it quickly if there is an emergency.

Water heaters can go out at any time. It doesn't necessarily have to be due to a major problem; the solution could be as simple as having the gadget cleaned or twisting a few knobs. If you place your water heater in the "scary" part of the basement or the deepest recesses of your attic, you might not be able to muster up the courage to tinker with the heater when the water just won't get hot.

Understand That Smaller Houses Don't Need Huge Water Heaters

You can make life much easier on yourself by putting the water heater in a specially built closet in the kitchen or a little nook just a few feet inside of the basement. If the house you are building isn't very large, you might even be able to get by with a small, under-the-sink water heater. Have the compact water heater installed below the kitchen sink, and you shouldn't have any problems reaching it when necessary.

Installing your water heater in an appropriate location is absolutely essential. Use these tips and you should be able to convey your water heater installation wishes to your general contractor with ease.