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What You Should Expect When You Have New Plumbing Put In

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There's no doubt about it: having new plumbing installed in an existing home is a bit intense. If you've never had significant plumbing work done on a home before and don't know what to expect, here are a few precautions you should think about and a step you should consider taking for the duration of the work.

Water Off

First things first: it's extremely likely that the water will need to be shut off to your home during the installation of your new plumbing system. Running water while pipes are being put in would not only waste a ton of water but make a massive mess that could result in permanent water damage in your home. So, unfortunately, for the time being, you shouldn't expect to be able to take a shower or wash your hands while the work is being performed. You also can't expect to use your toilet, as even if the drainage pipe isn't impacted by the work being done, you won't have running water to flush the toilet with.

Electricity Off

Another thing that will need to be done while the work is being performed is shutting off the electricity. This is because wiring runs through the walls and leaving it on would put your plumber and even your home at risk. You obviously don't want anyone to get electrocuted or for a house fire to start, so this is a necessary step. Your plumber will test the wires prior to getting started to ensure that it's safe for them to do so. 

Treat Yourself

Admittedly, between the water and electricity being shut off, the noise being made, and the dust being kicked up by opening up holes in the walls, you may feel overwhelmed, especially if you have kids or pets. So at this time, the best thing you can possibly do is take a break from your house and let the work be done while you're not there.

Consider visiting with a friend, family member, or even staying in a hotel for the duration of the work. It'll save you a ton of stress, you'll be able to relax and breathe easy, and you can use the shower, toilet, and power as much as you want without any problems.

Once you return home, the job will be complete and your new, perfectly functioning plumbing will be ready and waiting to serve you. Don't stress yourself out unnecessarily. Leave the work to the pros and take a load off. Call a company like Legacy Plumbing Inc to learn more.