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Five Habits That Are Destroying Your Plumbing

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Many plumbing problems can be avoided simply by implementing a few good habits. You can avoid many problems if you eradicate a few bad habits that are likely damaging your plumbing systems.

1. Using the Garbage Disposal as a Trash Can

A garbage disposal is a modern marvel, but it isn't designed to handle all of your kitchen waste. Certain items can clog the disposal or lodge in the drain pipes even after going through the grinding wheels. For example, pasta and rice should never go through the disposal, as even after grinding they can swell into a paste-like consistency that will cause a drain clog. Grease will solidify in the pipes, resulting in a blockage. Other items, like bones and non-food waste such as plastic, will jam the disposal.

2. Flushing All the Bathroom Waste

Only three things should ever go down a toilet: water, toilet paper, and human waste. Feminine hygiene products, wipes (even those marketed as flushable), diapers, cat litter, and any type of garbage must go in the garbage can instead. The toilet waste pipe and the sewer system is not equipped to handle items that do not break down quickly in water.

3. Failing to Use Drain Screens

Drain screens and hair catchers are a must for every single sink and tub drain in your home. Even if you are careful, small items like hair, pet fur, and debris will make their way into the drain. These items often become stuck in soap residue, so that eventually a larger blockage builds up. If you have a screen or hair catcher in place, you can simply remove it every day or week and remove the captured debris so that a blockage doesn't ensure. Otherwise, the blockage will continue to grow until you need a plumber to clear the drain.

4. Ignoring Small Leaks

A bit of water dripping from a faucet, a small damp spot under a sink, or moisture around the base of a toilet may not seem like a big deal. Yet, if you ignore these small issues you will eventually end up with major water damage or a failed plumbing appliance. Have these small leaks fixed before they develop into a larger problem.

5. Trying to Clear Drains with Chemicals

Chemical drain cleaners may seem like an easy solution for a minor clog, but they often don't address the totality of the obstruction. Instead of turning to a bottle, call in a plumber to clear the clog. Not only does this assure the drain is completely cleared, but it also will help you learn the cause so you can avoid it in the future.

If you are having issues with your plumbing, call in a company like Complete Plumbing right away. They can fix a small problem before it becomes a major expense.