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2 Signs Your Older Home's Cast Iron Pipes Need To Be Replaced

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If you live in an older home, the condition of certain parts of its original structure may concern you, including the pipes. However, when you look at the old cast iron plumbing, you may have trouble determining their condition so that you can decide whether or not they need to be replaced. If so, look for the following signs that your home's old pipes are deteriorating and should be looked at by a plumber to see if replacing them is necessary.

1.  Water Coming out of the Faucets Appears Discolored

One sign that your home's cast iron pipes may need replacing can be seen when you observe the color of your home's water supply. You may notice that the water coming out of the faucets appears discolored, taking on a yellowish or brownish tint. This will happen for water coming from both hot and cold water taps.

As cast iron pipes age, the material from which they are constructed will start to break down. When the water comes into contact with the eroding material, it will take on the color of the rust.

Also, as the sides of the pipes start to erode, pieces will break off and contaminate your water supply. This will further discolor the water, and sediment will also be observable when you hold a glass of water up to the light

2.  Corrosion Is Present Around the Pipe Joints

Another sign you can look for when trying to determine the condition of your house's cast iron plumbing is corrosion that is present around the pipe joints. This corrosion could be rust, but it can also have a whitish appearance from minerals being pushed through the iron.

If you see corrosion around the pipe joints, there is a good possibility that it is also present within the pipes themselves. You may notice that your water drains slowly even if you have cleaned the pipes out.

If corrosion is present on both the insides and outsides of the joints, the pipes are being eaten away. If you do not have them replaced, you will most likely start having leaks in the near future.

If your home's water supply is discolored and/or the pipe joints appear corroded, there may be deterioration inside of the house's old plumbing that you cannot see which needs professional attention. Contact a plumber in your area to have them inspect your home's plumbing so that they can determine whether or not some or all of the pipes need to be replaced.